For those who are worried about, "How do I start DX?"

Field Service

TOYO DENSO staffs, who have experience in DX implementation both in-house and at other companies, will accompany and support your DX introduction.

For those who want to make complex information in the manufacturing industry easier to understand.

Visualization App

We have 6 apps that visualize manufacturing information, including customizable production management system that matches the manufacturing model to make it easy to understand and use for both those who manage and those who work with it.

For those who want to introduce DX technology or have already introduced it but have not been able to utilize it.

Pruductivity Improvement Solution

FRICS Fab offers various services for realizing DX every corner, such as providing on-site applications, software linkage, and automation of production lines.

DX introduction approach for small and medium manufacturing companies

Know Ourselves

We should first know where we are now to introduce DX.

Create a vision

Deside on a goal to aim for once we know where we are.

Promoting Paperless
→ Convert materials to data

Visualize and analyze

Analyze videos of work and movements. Make the tasks visually and numerically understandable.

Think about the process

Draw a turtle chart and think about how to aim for your goal.

Organize DX team

Establish a team to promote DX for the entire company. Training will also be provided to ensure that the vision permeates the company.

Introduce systems

Introduce production management systems, tools and robots to increase productivity.