For those who want to make complex information in the manufacturing industry easier to understand.

Visualization App

FRICS Fab offers a variety of apps for every aspect of DX, including the provision of on-site apps and software integration.
The visualization application FDiM provides 6 applications.
Contracts can be made for as little as one depending on the customer's situation.

An app that visualizes information in manufacturing FDiM (Factory information Digging out and Modeling system)

Production Management
System -for managers-

Visualize production progress information by synchronizing with the client application to obtain real-time information. Display items can be customized at the client’s request.
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Production Management
System -for workers-

Working drawings can be viewed and written on a tablet. Workers’ labor can be easily managed and converted into data, which also supports the realization of a paperless work environment.
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CO2 Emission
Calculation App

Visualize CO2 emissions from products produced in accordance with the Basic Guidelines for Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions through the Supply Chain. Initial calculation support is also supported, as well as accompanying support for CO2 emissions calculation.

Scheduler App

We aim to improve the efficiency of the production efficiency factory by optimizing the production schedule of products as well as streamlining the work of creating profitability plans in the manufacturing industry.

Progress Visualization App

Visualize the progress of work in production, identify problems that are occurring, and facilitate information sharing.

RFID Inventory・
Materials Management App

Digitize inventory management with RFID. Batch reading improves work efficiency, and automatic recording makes inventory visualization possible.

Case Example

Own-brand denim manufacturing

To be freed from EXCEL management
Secure your management time

EXCEL Management

It was managed with a complexly assembled EXCEl. We had to monitor PCs all day long because changes in production plans occur frequently and we have to respond flexibly.
Managers are unable to do any work other than production management because they are doing their best to reflect the current plan.

Production Management System

The introduction of a production control system simplifies operations and allows time for management tasks as well as more efficient production control.

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