Accelerating DX for small and medium-sized
manufacturing companies

FRICS Fab is a project by TOYODENSO Co., Ltd. in Hiroshima Prefecture to promote DX for small and medium-sized companies.

What is FRICS Fab?

FRICS Fab's thoughts

Achieve "DX for the ultimate analog".
We are convinced that improving the value of craftsmanship will be the KEY for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Japan to compete globally.

Because we have been involved in DX as a small and medium-sized manufacturing company and have achieved results, we can accompany with you to achieve your DX.
We will become a launching pad for Japanese small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to take off to the world.

*Small and medium manufacturing companies refer to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that have their own products.

Control Panel Business
FRICS Fab Team

Three proposals
from us that can accompany
with small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

For those who are worried about, "How do I start DX?"

Field Service

TOYO DENSO staffs, who have experience in DX implementation both in-house and at other companies, will accompany and support your DX introduction.

For those who want to make complex information in the manufacturing industry easier to understand.

Visualization App

We have 6 apps that visualize manufacturing information, including customizable production management system that matches the manufacturing model to make it easy to understand and use for both those who manage and those who work with it.

For those who want to introduce DX technology or have already introduced it but have not been able to utilize it.

Pruductivity Improvement Solution

FRICS Fab offers various services for realizing DX every corner, such as providing on-site applications, software linkage, and automation of production lines.

Case Example

3 changes that occurred in control panel manufacturing after introducing DX.


Increased productivity and
35.6% waste reduction

Tools are shared.

Video analysis of work revealed that sharing tools results in wasted movements.
1.Move to pick up and return the tool.
2.Wait time while other workers are using the tool.

Tools are provided for each worker.

Many small and medium-sized companies share expensive tools, but video digitized the craftsman's movements, and the reduction of this move and wait time could be compared to the capital investment.
By providing a tool for each person, we succeeded in reducing 35.6% of unnecessary movements in some tasks.

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Paperless drawings
reduced paper resources and scanning time

Work is managed by paper drawings.

Previously, designers and manufacturing personnel printed out a set of dozens of drawings.
1. Fill in the modifications in drawings by manufacturing side and discuss with designers.
2. Reprint after correction.
3. Printed again in the inspection process and the inspection results are filled in the drawing and scanned into data.

Work is managed by data.

All work is completed on the data (PDF).
In addition, memos at each step of the manufacturing process are kept in data, rather than on paper, to significantly improve work efficiency, accumulate data, and share information in real time.

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Discovering craftsmanship and clarifying work

Everyone does the same work.

We categorized difficult tasks that can only be done by craftsmen and tasks that can be done by robots or new workers, and clarified the appropriate person in charge of the tasks.
Determining the wiring route of a control panel is actually a very difficult "craftsmanship" that is difficult for designers and others to do.

Right person in the right place.

"Right person in the right place." means that we have reviewed the distribution of work so that craftsmen can focus on high value-added work by placing the right person in the right place.

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Explore the technology of TOYODENSO
DX Factory Tour

You can see these changes with DX improvements using the technology of TOYODENSO.
For more information, please visit the factory tour reservation site.

Our Thoughts and Vision

The worldview and thoughts
that FRICS Fab
aims for beyond introducing DX.

I heard DX is good,
so let's give it a try!

Those who don't know
where to start.
How to start without wasting time.
Who have a limited budget and
can't afford to make mistakes.

First barrier to DX Introduction
Lack of internal resources
Second barrier to DX Introducion
Difficulty in taking the first step

The first step to DX

We will propose the best service
by listening to your needs.

Field Service
Visualization App

We will work together to
realize and utilize DX
by sharing and connecting experiences and knowledge
among the companies that have introduced DX.

Data Driven

Going global with
the added value created by DX


Accompanying small and medium-sized businesses to advance DX

FRICS Fab supports small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to permanently improve their value through DX.
We believe that increasing the value of craftsmanship in small and medium-sized enterprises will add value to their products, and will be the key to Japanese small and medium-sized companies to compete globally.


Creation of new value for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies

We will improve the value of our craftsmen and make each worker and each company that can compete in the world together.

We want to increase the value of manufacturing with DX.

I think there is an impression that manufacturing in the manufacturing industry is somehow dirty and remains under the old system. I want to get rid of that by digitizing. If the number of companies promoting DX in Hiroshima increases and the younger generation thinks it's cool, more people will stay in this industry. For the sake of the craftsmen who have preserved their skills over the years, we want to increase the number of companies that are considered cool. We are going to continue to provide that support.

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